Digital Hub

Our mission is to eradicate frauds and inefficiencies in the industry with digitalization, smart, pervasive, and ubiquitous sensors with eco-responsible solutions.

Our documentary platform is the alternative to outdated, unstructured communication tools and manual processes posing considerable financial, operational, and legal risks. It functions as the digital backbone permitting the monitoring of transactions, end-to-end (from storage sites to contract closure). It enables the creation, authentication, and real-time monitoring of digital documents needed by each transactional gate and our global customer base. The latter is composed of: commodity producers; importers, exporters, distribution merchants; trade finance banks; commodity traders; carriers; shippers; insurers, and surveyors.

It offers a long list of functionalities. For instance, onboarded and authenticated file owners may elect to share documents (e.g. warehouse receipts, bills of lading, forwarder’s certificate of receipt, quantity and quality certificates) with third parties (e.g. forwarders, warehouse, and insurance companies, trade finance banks).

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