Driven By Swiss Excellence

Despite competing commodity trading centers such as Singapore, London, and Dubai, Switzerland is a world leader in commodity trading. Given the many connections between the commodity and financial sectors, a prosperous commodity sector is important for Switzerland’s financial center. The Swiss commodity sector includes not only trading companies, but also banks specializing in the financing of commodity trading, goods inspection companies, shipping companies, and insurance companies.

Considering the diversity of the industry and its great importance for domestic and foreign policy, the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Office for Economic Affairs, Education and Research, and the Federal Ministry of Finance strongly support Swiss commodity industries. We tap into these privileged Swiss capacities, expertise, and world-class skills that, like us, are driven by excellence.

Our commercial clients benefit from our dedicated industry-specialized team monitoring complex transactions with a tailored approach. They also benefit from the excellence of our extended affiliate global network.

Last but not least, we fight global warming and embrace ESG/ SDG by developing sustainable trade finance monitoring solutions. Our platform brings (i) durable reduction of carbon footprints with remote monitoring of cargos in storage and digitalization of processes; (ii) prevention of losses (e.g. pest) and preservation of quality (e.g. spoilage from microorganisms) in food cargos; and (iii) monitoring of markers linked with food safety and public health issues.

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